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How long is BSG? I could never find that on the internet. Also do you just stay in a FAST team or what ever for 4 years then go back to the fleet and back with a Infantry battlion. Even if you re-enlist?

BSG is only about 2 1/2 months long. When/if you make it on a FAST team you will only be on it for about 2 years. Thats about enough time for you to do your workup and deployment. You will enlist with a 5 year contract. Thats about 2 years in FAST and 3 in the fleet. 

Hope this helped. Semper Fi.

Not a question. Thank you sir for serving this country, I have the utmost respect for our service men and women! I could not enlist in the Marine Corps due to medical issues, so I prep instead and have been for several years, started when I was thirteen and since then been doing what I can to prepare, and I mostly buy stuff that is USMC approved!

Hey man, thank you for the support! I am sorry to hear that you couldn’t enlist. Stay motivated and keep all the civilians in check. Rah.

Would you recommend a dpms for a first time AR?

I would definitely recommend DPMS rifles to anyone. They really do my some quality weapons. Its honestly all about how much money you’re willing to spend. i would recommend spend between $700-$1000 on your first rifle.

There are 3 different cost ranges when buying a rifle, they are as follows.  -First time/beginner ($700-$1000)                                                                -Intermediate ($1000-$1700)                                                                        -Expert ($1700-Up)

Hope this helped. Semper Fi.